Western States 100 runners hit the trails this weekend

The clock is ticking down to the June 23 start of the 45th Annual Western States 100-mile Ultra Run, which runs from Squaw Valley to Placer High School in Auburn.

Considered by many to be the Super Bowl of ultra running, this event has about 18,000 feet of climbing and more than 22,900 feet of descent before runners reach the 400-meter track at Placer High. then it’s only 400 meters to complete what technically is a 100.2-mile run.

Runners start at 5 a.m., June 23, in Squaw Valley and must finish by 10:59:59, June 24, if they want to receive a bronze buckle. Runners with the skill and training to complete the course in less than 24 hours receive a silver buckle.

Those unlucky enough to miss the cutoff are typically picked up by the sweep team on horseback.

Most runners, except for a few elite runners, end up running through much of the night among wild critters with headlamps.

As it has in the past, Ultralive.com will provide live runner tracking throughout the race. Western States officials also will be tweeting as the event goes on.

Check out the entrants’ list.

western states elevation map