Please keep your music to yourself

musical notesWhy is it some runners feel a need to share their music with everyone around them?

I’ve noticed this is a growing — and annoying — trend., especially in the close confines of a race.

Instead of listening to their smartphone or whatever musical device using earphones, they either carry a small, portable Bluetooth speaker or have their smartphone on speaker. Sure enough today in a race, some woman was blasting her playlist to all those around her.

Not all of us are into country, hip-hop, reggae or what have you. For those of us who run sans earbuds and music, we like to hear nothing at all but our surroundings, whether it is the call of birds or the runners behind us breathing down our necks.

Do these runners who share their music know they’re annoying? Has anyone told them? Are they newbies and just don’t know any better? Or are they just short on etiquette?

One thing, for sure. It makes me run faster to get past them, especially if they’re playing a music genre that doesn’t fit my taste.

One also has to wonder if they’re listening to some types of music that contain four-letter words in the lyrics, is this really appropriate in family-type events?