Modesto’s Jon Olsen wins national 100-mile road championship

jon olsen
Courtesy Denise Jon Olsen

While some of us would love to run 1 mile at an 8-minute pace, Modesto’s own Jon Olsen ran 100 miles at an 8-minute pace.

In doing so, Olsen won the USATF 100 Mile Road National Championship at the Jackpot Ultras in Las Vegas, Nevada, Feb. 17-18, with a time of 13:39:30.

Second place went to Jean Pommier with 87.5 miles in 13:27:14. Third went to Traci Falbo with 80 miles in 13:12:02.

In these types of ultra track races, the winner is the first to complete 100 miles. Even with 50 miles to go, Olsen, Mike Bialick and Pommier were averaging 8-minute miles.

But Olsen went into beast mode the second half and continued his 8-minute trek. The distances for the others will speak for themselves.