Marathon participation continues gradual decline

2017 modesto marathon start
Runners toe the start line of the 2017 Modesto Marathon. The event had 686 entrants in the 26.2-mile distance.

U.S. marathon participation in 2016 followed the national trend for other race distances with a slight, but continued, decline in numbers, according to the latest report from USA Running.

A total of 507,600 runners finished the marathon distance in 2016 compared to 509,000 in 2015. The number of marathons remained relatively stable with 1,100 in both 2015 and 2016,

As it has in the recent past, the New York City Marathon maintained its No. 1 ranking with 51,267 finishers, up from 49,365 in 2015.

Regionally, the San Francisco Marathon, with 6,323 finishers in 2016, maintained its 12th position.

CIM, known officially as the California International Marathon, had 6,176 finishers in 2016, moving it up to 13th from 14th in 2015. The 26.2-mile event starts in Folsom and finishes at the California state capitol in Sacramento.

The top 15 marathons in the United States remained fairly consistent. In 2016, there were 86 marathons with more than 1,000 finishers each, down from a record high of 98 marathons in 2014 and 90 in 2015.

By comparison, the Modesto Marathon had 686 entrants in 2016, according to race results from SVE Timing.