Is this a real website or a scam? Better safe than sorry

My Best RunIn this day and age of cyber scams, I’m always leery when URLs (Web addresses) don’t jive with Facebook and/or Twitter handles.

Such is the case with a recent email I received from MyBestRuns ( The site wants all kinds of personal information to set up a profile so I can view a calendar of events.

The site claims, “With millions of people running races regularly, our goal is to make My BEST Runs the go-to site for runners as they search for the best races in their area and around the world.”

So I tried it out and put in a Stanislaus County area code. It pulled up nothing.

But wait, if you’re a race director, you can pay an introductory rate of $149 (a discount from the regular $495 rate)  to feature your race listing for one year. Wonder if website developers have the analytics to show the number of unique visitors they get each month to the site?

When you go to the bottom of the email to unsubscribe, it takes you to Double Road Racing (

MyBestRun’s Twitter handle is @DoTheDouble, the same one used by Double Road Racing. Has this site been highjacked by squatters or hackers?

Most legit websites would take the time and effort to set up a separate Twitter handle for the new endeavor, not confuse users with the same one.

Considering all of the personal info the MyBestRuns site asks for, I’m staying clear of it. You shouldn’t need that info to simply view a calendar of events.

A wise person once told me, “If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.”

Or as they’d say in the vintage SciFi TV show, “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”