Are some event organizers committing highway robbery?

DC Wonder Woman logoThe price of some running events has gotten out of hand. I understand with the increase in minimum wage and other costs that entry fees can’t be the $15 they once were. But to charge $59 pre-registration ($69 during the last week before the race) for a 3.1-mile event is outrageous.

The latest price-gouging is by the DC Wonder Woman Run, a national series of runs that will make stops in Sacramento (Sept. 22), Oakland (Oct. 13), San Jose (Oct. 21), and two Southern California cities.

The $59 is just for the 5K. If you want to run the 10K, it’s $79 pre-reg, $89 within a week of the race.

For that $59, you receive a tech shirt or tank top, a reusable shopping bag (like the ones you can buy at a grocery store for 99 cents), a finisher’s medal, two wrist cuffs and complimentary photos.

I assume these events also have to pay a licensing fee to DC Entertainment, which owns the Wonder Woman brand, and that could influence registration prices.

But still, $59 for a 5K? That’s highway robbery. Since these are all inaugural events, we’ll see if the market can bear that exorbitant price. If not, it’s the law of supply and demand at play.

Now compare those prices to the Urban Cow Half Marathon, which will also be held in Sacramento, Oct. 7. Right now the half-marathon is $70, the 5K is $45. If you registered before June 15, the prices were even lower.

For that, you get a cool cow tech shirt, a bag, a finisher’s cow bell and post-race craft beer. If you’re one of the first 5,000 to register, you also receive a commemorative pint glass. Plus Urban Cow is a locally produced event with a long history.

With some of these national events, you never know if the company behind them is still going to be around when the race rolls into town. Several companies in the past have taken the money and run, only to leave registrants hanging.

I’ve already voted with my pocket book, and my legs will be m-o-o-o-ving around Sacramento’s Land Park during the Urban Cow in early October.